9. Notes for building under Windows

This section summarises how to get the utilities you need on your Win95/98/NT/2000 machine to use CVS and build GHC. Similar notes for installing and running GHC may be found in the user guide. In general, Win95/Win98 behave the same, and WinNT/Win2k behave the same. You should read the GHC installation guide sections on Windows (in the user guide) before continuing to read these notes.

Before you start, make sure you've installed the Cygwin packages openssh, openssl, cvs, m4 and autoconf. You also need to make sure that the user environment variable MAKE_MODE is set to UNIX. If you don't do this you get very weird messages when you type make, such as:

/c: /c: No such file or directory

9.1. Configuring ssh

9.2. Configuring CVS

There is a very nice graphical front-end to CVS for Win32 platforms, with a UI that people will be familiar with, at wincvs.org. I have not tried it yet.

9.3. Building GHC