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Deprecated: Use System.Process from package process directly



createPipe :: IO (Handle, Handle) Source #

Create a pipe for interprocess communication and return a (readEnd, writeEnd) Handle pair.

  • WinIO Support

When this function is used with WinIO enabled it's the caller's responsibility to register the handles with the I/O manager. If this is not done the operation will deadlock. Association can be done as follows:

    #if defined(IO_MANAGER_WINIO)
    import GHC.IO.SubSystem ((!))
    import GHC.IO.Handle.Windows (handleToHANDLE)
    import GHC.Event.Windows (associateHandle')


    #if defined (IO_MANAGER_WINIO)
    return () ! (do
      associateHandle' =handleToHANDLE <handle)

Only associate handles that you are in charge of read/writing to. Do not associate handles passed to another process. It's the process's reponsibility to register the handle if it supports async access.

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