Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software
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listDirectory :: FilePath -> IO [FilePath] Source #

listDirectory dir returns a list of all entries in dir without the special entries (. and ..).

The operation may fail with:

  • HardwareFault A physical I/O error has occurred. [EIO]
  • InvalidArgument The operand is not a valid directory name. [ENAMETOOLONG, ELOOP]
  • isDoesNotExistError The directory does not exist. [ENOENT, ENOTDIR]
  • isPermissionError The process has insufficient privileges to perform the operation. [EACCES]
  • isFullError Insufficient resources are available to perform the operation. [EMFILE, ENFILE]
  • InappropriateType The path refers to an existing non-directory object. [ENOTDIR]

Since: directory-

makeAbsolute :: FilePath -> IO FilePath Source #

Convert a path into an absolute path. If the given path is relative, the current directory is prepended and then the combined result is normalized. If the path is already absolute, the path is simply normalized. The function preserves the presence or absence of the trailing path separator unless the path refers to the root directory /.

If the path is already absolute, the operation never fails. Otherwise, the operation may fail with the same exceptions as getCurrentDirectory.

Since: directory-

doesPathExist :: FilePath -> IO Bool Source #

Test whether the given path points to an existing filesystem object. If the user lacks necessary permissions to search the parent directories, this function may return false even if the file does actually exist.

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