Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software
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isExtensionOf :: String -> FilePath -> Bool Source #

Does the given filename have the specified extension?

"png" `isExtensionOf` "/directory/file.png" == True
".png" `isExtensionOf` "/directory/file.png" == True
".tar.gz" `isExtensionOf` "bar/foo.tar.gz" == True
"ar.gz" `isExtensionOf` "bar/foo.tar.gz" == False
"png" `isExtensionOf` "/directory/file.png.jpg" == False
"csv/table.csv" `isExtensionOf` "/data/csv/table.csv" == False

stripExtension :: String -> FilePath -> Maybe FilePath Source #

Drop the given extension from a FilePath, and the "." preceding it. Returns Nothing if the FilePath does not have the given extension, or Just and the part before the extension if it does.

This function can be more predictable than dropExtensions, especially if the filename might itself contain . characters.

stripExtension "hs.o" "foo.x.hs.o" == Just "foo.x"
stripExtension "hi.o" "foo.x.hs.o" == Nothing
dropExtension x == fromJust (stripExtension (takeExtension x) x)
dropExtensions x == fromJust (stripExtension (takeExtensions x) x)
stripExtension ".c.d" "a.b.c.d"  == Just "a.b"
stripExtension ".c.d" "a.b..c.d" == Just "a.b."
stripExtension "baz"  ""  == Nothing
stripExtension "bar"  "foobar"   == Nothing
stripExtension ""     x          == Just x