ghc-boot-9.8.1: Shared functionality between GHC and its boot libraries
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Note [Base Dir] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GHC's base directory or top directory containers miscellaneous settings and the package database. The main compiler of course needs this directory to read those settings and read and write packages. ghc-pkg uses it to find the global package database too.

In the interest of making GHC builds more relocatable, many settings also will expand `${top_dir}` inside strings so GHC doesn't need to know it's on installation location at build time. ghc-pkg also can expand those variables and so needs the top dir location to do that too.



expandTopDir :: FilePath -> String -> String Source #

Expand occurrences of the $topdir interpolation in a string.

expandPathVar :: String -> FilePath -> String -> String Source #

expandPathVar var value str

replaces occurrences of variable $var with value in str.

getBaseDir :: IO (Maybe String) Source #

Calculate the location of the base dir