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Knowing us, knowing you: Web sites, mailing lists, etc.

On the World-Wide Web, there are several URLs of likely interest:

GHC home page -- http://www.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk/fp/software/ghc/
Glasgow FP group page -- http://www.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk/fp/
comp.lang.functional FAQ -- http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/Department/Staff/mpj/faq.html
programming language research page --

We run two mailing lists about Glasgow Haskell. We encourage you to join, as you feel is appropriate.

This list is for GHC users to chat among themselves. Subscribe by sending mail to `majordomo@dcs.gla.ac.uk', with a message body (not header) like this:
subscribe glasgow-haskell-users My Name <m.y.self@bigbucks.com>
(The last bit is your all-important e-mail address, of course.) To communicate with your fellow users, send mail to `glasgow-haskell-users'. To contact the list administrator, send mail to `glasgow-haskell-users-request'.
Send bug reports for GHC to this address! The sad and lonely people who subscribe to this list will muse upon what's wrong and what you might do about it. Subscribe via `majordomo@dcs.gla.ac.uk' with:
subscribe glasgow-haskell-bugs My Name <m.y.self@hackers.r.us>
Again, you may contact the list administrator at `glasgow-haskell-bugs-request'.

There is also the general Haskell mailing list. Subscribe by sending email to `majordomo@dcs.gla.ac.uk', with the usual message body:

subscribe haskell My Name <m.y.self@fp.rules.ok.org>

Some Haskell-related discussion takes place in the Usenet newsgroup `comp.lang.functional'. (But note: news propagation to Glasgow can be terrible. That's one reason Glaswegians aren't too active in c.f.l.)

The main anonymous-FTP site for Glasgow Haskell is `ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk', in `pub/haskell/glasgow/'. "Important" bits are mirrored at other Haskell archive sites (and we have their stuff, too).

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