1.2. Meta-information: Web sites, mailing lists, etc.

On the World-Wide Web, there are several URLs of likely interest:

We run the following mailing lists about GHC. We encourage you to join, as you feel is appropriate.


This list is for GHC users to chat among themselves. If you have a specific question about GHC, please check the FAQ first.


This list is for reporting and discussing GHC bugs. However, please see Section 1.3, “Reporting bugs in GHC” before posting here.


The hardcore GHC developers hang out here. This list also gets commit message from the GHC darcs repository. There are other lists for other darcs repositories (most notably cvs-libraries).

There are several other haskell and GHC-related mailing lists served by www.haskell.org. Go to http://www.haskell.org/mailman/listinfo/ for the full list.

Some Haskell-related discussion also takes place in the Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.functional.