1.5. Release notes for version 6.12.3

The significant changes to the various parts of the compiler since 6.12.2 are listed in the following sections.

1.5.1. Compiler and Runtime system

  • A crash when Haskell calls C, which in turn calls back into Haskell, has been fixed.

  • Shared libraries are now enabled by default on amd64/FreeBSD.

  • A bug which caused forking large processes to not terminate has been fixed.

  • Packages in local package databases are now consistently used in preference to those in global package databases.

1.5.2. Libraries array

  • Version number (was base

  • Version number (was

  • Calling hSetEncoding will now set the encoding for both the read and write side of a Handle, rather than just the read side.

  • Using hReady and hWaitForInput on Handles created from Sockets will no longer block on Windows.

  • Some improvements have been made in when library functions do, and do not, block asynchronous exceptions. bytestring

  • Version number (was

  • Fixed bug that caused hGetContents to block when it shouldn't. Cabal

  • Version number (was containers

  • No change; version directory

  • No change; version  dph (dph-base, dph-par, dph-prim-interface, dph-prim-par, dph-prim-seq, dph-seq)

  • All the dph packages are version 0.4.0. extensible-exceptions

  • No change; version filepath

  • No change; version ghc-binary

  • This is an internal package, and should not be used. ghc-prim

  • No change; version haskell98

  • No change; version hpc

  • No change; version integer-gmp

  • No change; version integer-simple

  • No change; version old-locale

  • No change; version old-time

  • Version number (was pretty

  • No change; version process

  • Version number (was random

  • No change; version syb

  • No change; version template-haskell

  • No change; version time

  • No change; version 1.1.4. unix

  • Version number (was Win32

  • No change; version