5. Quick start for GHC developers

This section is a copy of the file HACKING from the GHC source tree. It describes how to get started with setting up your build tree for developing GHC or its libraries, and how to start building.

Getting started with hacking on GHC

So you've decided to hack on GHC, congratulations!  We hope you have a
rewarding experience.  This file will point you in the direction of
information to help you get started right away.

The GHC Developer's Wiki

  The home for GHC Developers, with information on accessing the
  latest sources, the bug tracker, and documentation on the
  In particular, the wiki contains the following pages of interest to
  new hackers:
  Quick Start for developers

     This section on the wiki will get you up and running with a
     serviceable build tree in no time:
     This is part of the "Building GHC" section of the wiki, which
     has more detailed information on GHC's build system should you
     need it.
  The GHC Commentary

     Notes on the internals and architecture of GHC.

Mailing lists

   Ask on glasgow-haskell-users@haskell.org if you have difficulties.
   If you're working with the current CVS sources of GHC, then
   cvs-ghc@haskell.org might be a more appropriate (developers hang
   out here).  See http://www.haskell.org/mailman/listinfo for

Happy Hacking!  --The GHC Team