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GLUT supports a number of callbacks to respond to events. There are three types of callbacks: window, menu, and global. Window callbacks indicate when to redisplay or reshape a window, when the visibility of the window changes, and when input is available for the window. Menu callbacks are described in Graphics.UI.GLUT.Menu. The global callbacks manage the passing of time and menu usage. The calling order of callbacks between different windows is undefined.

Callbacks for input events should be delivered to the window the event occurs in. Events should not propagate to parent windows.

A callback of type Foo can registered by setting fooCallback to Just the callback. Almost all callbacks can be de-registered by setting the corresponding fooCallback to Nothing, the only exceptions being DisplayCallback (can only be re-registered) and TimerCallback (can't be unregistered).

X Implementation Notes: The X GLUT implementation uses the X Input extension to support sophisticated input devices: Spaceball, dial & button box, and digitizing tablet. Because the X Input extension does not mandate how particular types of devices are advertised through the extension, it is possible GLUT for X may not correctly support input devices that would otherwise be of the correct type. The X GLUT implementation will support the Silicon Graphics Spaceball, dial & button box, and digitizing tablet as advertised through the X Input extension.

module Graphics.UI.GLUT.Callbacks.Window
module Graphics.UI.GLUT.Callbacks.Global
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