readline- An interface to the GNU readline librarySource codeContentsIndex
Portabilitynon-portable (unix-specific at the moment)
A simple line editor, using the GNU readline library if available, or a small emulation otherwise.
initialise :: IO ()
restore :: IO ()
getLineEdited :: String -> IO (Maybe String)
delChars :: String -> IO ()
initialise :: IO ()Source
Set up the environment so that the terminal passes characters directly into the Haskell program, for immediate interpretation by the line editor.
restore :: IO ()Source
Restore the environment so that the terminal is usable in normal mode once again.
getLineEdited :: String -> IO (Maybe String)Source
delChars :: String -> IO ()Source
Remove the given string from immediately behind (to the left of) the current cursor position.
Produced by Haddock version 0.8