ghc-7.0.1: The GHC API




showReg :: RegNo -> StringSource

Get the standard name for the register with this number.

virtualRegSqueeze :: RegClass -> VirtualReg -> FastIntSource

regSqueeze_class reg Calculuate the maximum number of register colors that could be denied to a node of this class due to having this reg as a neighbour.

allRealRegs :: [RealReg]Source

All the allocatable registers in the machine, including register pairs.

lReg :: Int -> RegNoSource

Get the regno for this sort of reg

g1 :: RegSource

Some specific regs used by the code generator.

allocatableRegs :: [RealReg]Source

Produce the second-half-of-a-double register given the first half.

All the regs that the register allocator can allocate to, with the the fixed use regs removed.

argRegs :: RegNo -> [Reg]Source

The registers to place arguments for function calls, for some number of arguments.

allArgRegs :: [Reg]Source

All all the regs that could possibly be returned by argRegs

mkVirtualReg :: Unique -> Size -> VirtualRegSource

Make a virtual reg with this size.