ghc-7.0.1: The GHC API




readLEnv :: (LocalEnv -> a) -> VM aSource

Project something from the local environment.

setLEnv :: LocalEnv -> VM ()Source

Set the local environment.

updLEnv :: (LocalEnv -> LocalEnv) -> VM ()Source

Update the enviroment using the provided function.

localV :: VM a -> VM aSource

Perform a computation in its own local environment. This does not alter the environment of the current state.

closedV :: VM a -> VM aSource

Perform a computation in an empty local environment.

getBindName :: VM FastStringSource

Get the name of the local binding currently being vectorised.

inBind :: Id -> VM a -> VM aSource

Run a vectorisation computation in a local environment, with this id set as the current binding.

lookupTyVarPA :: Var -> VM (Maybe CoreExpr)Source

Lookup a PA tyvars from the local environment.

defLocalTyVar :: TyVar -> VM ()Source

Add a tyvar to the local environment.

defLocalTyVarWithPA :: TyVar -> CoreExpr -> VM ()Source

Add mapping between a tyvar and pa dictionary to the local environment.

localTyVars :: VM [TyVar]Source

Get the set of tyvars from the local environment.