Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software

Safe HaskellNone




simpleTestStub :: ModuleName -> String Source

Source code for library test suite stub executable

stubFilePath :: TestSuite -> FilePath Source

The filename of the source file for the stub executable associated with a library TestSuite.

stubMain :: IO [Test] -> IO () Source

Main function for test stubs. Once, it was written directly into the stub, but minimizing the amount of code actually in the stub maximizes the number of detectable errors when Cabal is compiled.

stubName :: TestSuite -> FilePath Source

The name of the stub executable associated with a library TestSuite.

stubWriteLog :: FilePath -> String -> TestLogs -> IO () Source

From a test stub, write the TestSuiteLog to temporary file for the calling Cabal process to read.

writeSimpleTestStub Source


:: TestSuite

library TestSuite for which a stub is being created

-> FilePath

path to directory where stub source should be located

-> IO () 

Write the source file for a library TestSuite stub executable.