ghc-7.10.3: The GHC API

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paDictArgType :: TyVar -> VM (Maybe Type) Source

Construct the PA argument type for the tyvar. For the tyvar (v :: *) it's just PA v. For (v :: (* -> *) -> *) it's

forall (a :: * -> *). (forall (b :: *). PA b -> PA (a b)) -> PA (v a)

paDictOfType :: Type -> VM CoreExpr Source

Get the PA dictionary for some type

paMethod :: (Builtins -> Var) -> (TyCon -> Builtins -> Var) -> Type -> VM CoreExpr Source

Produce code that refers to a method of the PA class.

prDictOfReprType :: Type -> VM CoreExpr Source

Get the PR dictionary for a type. The argument must be a representation type.

prDictOfPReprInstTyCon :: Type -> CoAxiom Unbranched -> [Type] -> VM CoreExpr Source

Given a type ty, its PRepr synonym tycon and its type arguments, return the PR PRepr ty. Suppose we have:

type instance PRepr (T a1 ... an) = t

which is internally translated into

type :R:PRepr a1 ... an = t

and the corresponding coercion. Then,

prDictOfPReprInstTyCon (T a1 ... an) :R:PRepr u1 ... un = PR (T u1 ... un)

Note that ty is only used for error messages