1.6. Release notes for version 7.6.2

The 7.6.2 release is a bugfix release. The changes relative to 7.6.1 are listed below.

1.6.1. GHC

  • A long-standing typechecker bug which allowed unsafeCoerce to be written has been fixed.

  • A bug has been fixed that caused GHC to sometimes not realise that recompilation was necessary.

  • If both -H and a -M<size> flag are given, then GHC will no longer exceed the maximum heap size.

  • An off-by-one error, which could cause segfaults, in the RTS flag parsing has been fixed.

  • Various bugs that could cause GHC to panic when compiling certain source files have been fixed.

  • Some bugs in type checking the DataKinds and PolyKinds extensions have been fixed.

  • Performance of compiled programs has been improved in some cases.

  • A bug in the RTS, which caused programs to keep waking up when they should be idle, has been fixed. This will particularly help long-running often-idle programs such as xmonad.

  • A bug in the RTS, which could cause programs to hang or segfault just before they terminate, has been fixed.

  • It is now possible to build on Sparc/Solaris with a non-GNU linker.

  • A bug which caused GHCi to fail to start on some 64bit Windows installations has been fixed. GHCi can now only use a 32bit address space on 64bit Windows.

  • An interaction between Template Haskell and -fdefer-type-errors that could cause segfaults has been fixed.

  • If reloading some modules fails, GHCi will now not unload modules that are unaffected by the failure.

  • A bug that caused crashes when threadDelay is used with large arguments has been fixed.

  • A bug which could cause segfaults when the -xc RTS flag is used has been fixed.

  • A bug which caused duplicate type signatures to not be reported in some circumstance has been fixed.

  • Using the -fth flag now gives a deprecated message.

  • A bug that could cause spurious warnings when making rules involving primops has been fixed.

  • The GHC API now consistently uses new DynFlags which are set with setSessionDynFlags.

1.6.2. Haddock

  • Haddock now handles deprecation messages for re-exported entities correctly.

1.6.3. Hsc2hs

  • Hsc2hs now handles absolute filenames on Windows correctly.

1.6.4. Libraries base

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  • A bug in division of 64bit values on 32bit platforms has been fixed.

  • The labelThread function now handles Unicode values correctly.

  • There have been some build fixes for building on NetBSD. bytestring

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  • A bug has been fixed that could cause programs using ByteStrings to give the wrong result. directory

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  • Fixed a bug which caused memory corruption when putEnv is used.