ghc-8.10.6: The GHC API
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runPp :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

runCc :: Maybe ForeignSrcLang -> DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run compiler of C-like languages and raw objects (such as gcc or clang).

askLd :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO String Source #

Run the linker with some arguments and return the output

runAs :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

runLlvmOpt :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the LLVM Optimiser

runLlvmLlc :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the LLVM Compiler

runClang :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the clang compiler (used as an assembler for the LLVM backend on OS X as LLVM doesn't support the OS X system assembler)

figureLlvmVersion :: DynFlags -> IO (Maybe LlvmVersion) Source #

Figure out which version of LLVM we are running this session

runInjectRPaths :: DynFlags -> [FilePath] -> FilePath -> IO () Source #

On macOS we rely on the linkers -dead_strip_dylibs flag to remove unused libraries from the dynamic library. We do this to reduce the number of load commands that end up in the dylib, and has been limited to 32K (32768) since macOS Sierra (10.14).

-dead_strip_dylibs does not dead strip -rpath entries, as such passing -l and -rpath to the linker will result in the unnecesasry libraries not being included in the load commands, however the -rpath entries are all forced to be included. This can lead to 100s of -rpath entries being included when only a handful of libraries end up being truely linked.

Thus after building the library, we run a fixup phase where we inject the -rpath for each found library (in the given library search paths) into the dynamic library through -add_rpath.

See Note [Dynamic linking on macOS]

Tracing utility

traceToolCommand :: DynFlags -> String -> IO a -> IO a Source #

Record in the eventlog when the given tool command starts and finishes, prepending the given String with "systool:", to easily be able to collect and process all the systool events.

For those events to show up in the eventlog, you need to run GHC with -v2 or -ddump-timings.