ghc-8.10.6: The GHC API
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This module defines TyCons that can't be expressed in Haskell. They are all, therefore, wired-in TyCons. C.f module TysWiredIn



mkTemplateKiTyVars :: [Kind] -> ([Kind] -> [Kind]) -> [TyVar] Source #

tYPE :: Type -> Type Source #

Given a RuntimeRep, applies TYPE to it. see Note [TYPE and RuntimeRep]

primRepToRuntimeRep :: PrimRep -> Type Source #

Convert a PrimRep to a Type of kind RuntimeRep Defined here to avoid (more) module loops

funTyCon :: TyCon Source #

The (->) type constructor.

(->) :: forall (rep1 :: RuntimeRep) (rep2 :: RuntimeRep).
        TYPE rep1 -> TYPE rep2 -> *

unexposedPrimTyCons :: [TyCon] Source #

Primitive TyCons that are defined in GHC.Prim but not exposed. It's important to keep these separate as we don't want users to be able to write them (see #15209) or see them in GHCi's :browse output (see #12023).

exposedPrimTyCons :: [TyCon] Source #

Primitive TyCons that are defined in, and exported from, GHC.Prim.

equalityTyCon :: Role -> TyCon Source #

Given a Role, what TyCon is the type of equality predicates at that role?