Cabal-syntax- A library for working with .cabal files
CopyrightIsaac Jones 2003-2004
Safe HaskellNone



Defines a package identifier along with a parser and pretty printer for it. PackageIdentifiers consist of a name and an exact version. It also defines a Dependency data type. A dependency is a package name and a version range, like "foo >= 1.2 && < 2".



class Package pkg where Source #

Class of things that have a PackageIdentifier

Types in this class are all notions of a package. This allows us to have different types for the different phases that packages go though, from simple name/id, package description, configured or installed packages.

Not all kinds of packages can be uniquely identified by a PackageIdentifier. In particular, installed packages cannot, there may be many installed instances of the same source package.

class Package pkg => HasUnitId pkg where Source #

Packages that have an installed unit ID


installedUnitId :: pkg -> UnitId Source #

class HasUnitId pkg => PackageInstalled pkg where Source #

Class of installed packages.

The primary data type which is an instance of this package is InstalledPackageInfo, but when we are doing install plans in Cabal install we may have other, installed package-like things which contain more metadata. Installed packages have exact dependencies installedDepends.


installedDepends :: pkg -> [UnitId] Source #