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Portabilitynon-portable (concurrency)
General Quantity Semaphores
Quantity semaphores in which each thread may wait for an arbitrary "amount".
data QSemN
newQSemN :: Int -> IO QSemN
waitQSemN :: QSemN -> Int -> IO ()
signalQSemN :: QSemN -> Int -> IO ()
General Quantity Semaphores
data QSemN Source
A QSemN is a quantity semaphore, in which the available "quantity" may be signalled or waited for in arbitrary amounts.
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newQSemN :: Int -> IO QSemNSource
Build a new QSemN with a supplied initial quantity.
waitQSemN :: QSemN -> Int -> IO ()Source
Wait for the specified quantity to become available
signalQSemN :: QSemN -> Int -> IO ()Source
Signal that a given quantity is now available from the QSemN.
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