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Minor utilities for the HPC tools.
data HpcPos
fromHpcPos :: HpcPos -> (Int, Int, Int, Int)
toHpcPos :: (Int, Int, Int, Int) -> HpcPos
insideHpcPos :: HpcPos -> HpcPos -> Bool
class HpcHash a where
toHash :: a -> Hash
data Hash
data HpcPos Source
HpcPos is an Hpc local rendition of a Span.
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fromHpcPos :: HpcPos -> (Int, Int, Int, Int)Source
fromHpcPos explodes the HpcPos into line:column-line:colunm
toHpcPos :: (Int, Int, Int, Int) -> HpcPosSource
toHpcPos implodes to HpcPos, from line:column-line:colunm
insideHpcPos :: HpcPos -> HpcPos -> BoolSource
asks the question, is the first argument inside the second argument.
class HpcHash a whereSource
toHash :: a -> HashSource
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data Hash Source
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