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Arit and eta expansion
manifestArity :: CoreExpr -> Arity
exprArity :: CoreExpr -> Arity
exprEtaExpandArity :: DynFlags -> CoreExpr -> Arity
etaExpand :: Arity -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
manifestArity :: CoreExpr -> AritySource
manifestArity sees how many leading value lambdas there are
exprArity :: CoreExpr -> AritySource

An approximate, fast, version of exprEtaExpandArity

The Arity returned is the number of value args the expression can be applied to without doing much work

exprEtaExpandArity :: DynFlags -> CoreExpr -> AritySource
:: ArityResult should have this number of value args
-> CoreExprExpression to expand
-> CoreExpr

etaExpand n us e ty returns an expression with the same meaning as e, but with arity n.


 e' = etaExpand n us e ty

We should have that:

 ty = exprType e = exprType e'
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