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type LImportDecl name = Located (ImportDecl name)
data ImportDecl name = ImportDecl {
ideclName :: Located ModuleName
ideclPkgQual :: Maybe FastString
ideclSource :: Bool
ideclQualified :: Bool
ideclAs :: Maybe ModuleName
ideclHiding :: Maybe (Bool, [LIE name])
type LIE name = Located (IE name)
data IE name
= IEVar name
| IEThingAbs name
| IEThingAll name
| IEThingWith name [name]
| IEModuleContents ModuleName
| IEGroup Int HsDocString
| IEDoc HsDocString
| IEDocNamed String
ieName :: IE name -> name
ieNames :: IE a -> [a]
type LImportDecl name = Located (ImportDecl name)Source
data ImportDecl name Source
A single Haskell import declaration.
ideclName :: Located ModuleNameModule name.
ideclPkgQual :: Maybe FastStringPackage qualifier.
ideclSource :: BoolTrue = {--} import
ideclQualified :: BoolTrue => qualified
ideclAs :: Maybe ModuleNameas Module
ideclHiding :: Maybe (Bool, [LIE name])(True => hiding, names)
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type LIE name = Located (IE name)Source
data IE name Source
Imported or exported entity.
IEVar name
IEThingAbs nameClass/Type (can't tell)
IEThingAll nameClassType plus all methodsconstructors
IEThingWith name [name]ClassType plus some methodsconstructors
IEModuleContents ModuleName(Export Only)
IEGroup Int HsDocStringDoc section heading
IEDoc HsDocStringSome documentation
IEDocNamed StringReference to named doc
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Outputable name => Outputable (IE name)
ieName :: IE name -> nameSource
ieNames :: IE a -> [a]Source
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