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Main data type
Operations on supplies
Unique supply monad and its abstraction
Operations on the monad
Deprecated operations on UniqSM
data UniqSupply
uniqFromSupply :: UniqSupply -> Unique
uniqsFromSupply :: UniqSupply -> [Unique]
mkSplitUniqSupply :: Char -> IO UniqSupply
splitUniqSupply :: UniqSupply -> (UniqSupply, UniqSupply)
listSplitUniqSupply :: UniqSupply -> [UniqSupply]
data UniqSM result
class Monad m => MonadUnique m where
getUniqueSupplyM :: m UniqSupply
getUniqueM :: m Unique
getUniquesM :: m [Unique]
initUs :: UniqSupply -> UniqSM a -> (a, UniqSupply)
initUs_ :: UniqSupply -> UniqSM a -> a
lazyThenUs :: UniqSM a -> (a -> UniqSM b) -> UniqSM b
lazyMapUs :: (a -> UniqSM b) -> [a] -> UniqSM [b]
getUniqueUs :: UniqSM Unique
getUs :: UniqSM UniqSupply
returnUs :: a -> UniqSM a
thenUs :: UniqSM a -> (a -> UniqSM b) -> UniqSM b
mapUs :: (a -> UniqSM b) -> [a] -> UniqSM [b]
Main data type
data UniqSupply Source
A value of type UniqSupply is unique, and it can supply one distinct Unique. Also, from the supply, one can also manufacture an arbitrary number of further UniqueSupply values, which will be distinct from the first and from all others.
Operations on supplies
uniqFromSupply :: UniqSupply -> UniqueSource
Obtain the Unique from this particular UniqSupply
uniqsFromSupply :: UniqSupply -> [Unique]Source
Obtain an infinite list of Unique that can be generated by constant splitting of the supply
mkSplitUniqSupply :: Char -> IO UniqSupplySource
Create a unique supply out of thin air. The character given must be distinct from those of all calls to this function in the compiler for the values generated to be truly unique.
splitUniqSupply :: UniqSupply -> (UniqSupply, UniqSupply)Source
Build two UniqSupply from a single one, each of which can supply its own Unique.
listSplitUniqSupply :: UniqSupply -> [UniqSupply]Source
Create an infinite list of UniqSupply from a single one
Unique supply monad and its abstraction
data UniqSM result Source
A monad which just gives the ability to obtain Uniques
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class Monad m => MonadUnique m whereSource
A monad for generating unique identifiers
getUniqueSupplyM :: m UniqSupplySource
Get a new UniqueSupply
getUniqueM :: m UniqueSource
Get a new unique identifier
getUniquesM :: m [Unique]Source
Get an infinite list of new unique identifiers
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Operations on the monad
initUs :: UniqSupply -> UniqSM a -> (a, UniqSupply)Source
Run the UniqSM action, returning the final UniqSupply
initUs_ :: UniqSupply -> UniqSM a -> aSource
Run the UniqSM action, discarding the final UniqSupply
lazyThenUs :: UniqSM a -> (a -> UniqSM b) -> UniqSM bSource
lazyMapUs :: (a -> UniqSM b) -> [a] -> UniqSM [b]Source
Deprecated operations on UniqSM
getUniqueUs :: UniqSM UniqueSource
getUs :: UniqSM UniqSupplySource
returnUs :: a -> UniqSM aSource
thenUs :: UniqSM a -> (a -> UniqSM b) -> UniqSM bSource
mapUs :: (a -> UniqSM b) -> [a] -> UniqSM [b]Source
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