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Portability portable
Stability provisional
Maintainer libraries@haskell.org
Executing an external command.
system :: String -> IO ExitCode
rawSystem :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO ExitCode
system :: String -> IO ExitCode

Computation system cmd returns the exit code produced when the operating system processes the command cmd.

This computation may fail with

  • PermissionDenied: The process has insufficient privileges to perform the operation.
  • ResourceExhausted: Insufficient resources are available to perform the operation.
  • UnsupportedOperation: The implementation does not support system calls.

On Windows, system is implemented using Windows's native system call, which ignores the SHELL environment variable, and always passes the command to the Windows command interpreter (CMD.EXE or COMMAND.COM), hence Unixy shell tricks will not work.

rawSystem :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO ExitCode
The same as system, but bypasses the shell (GHC only). Will behave more portably between systems, because there is no interpretation of shell metasyntax.
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