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MaintainerIsaac Jones <ijones@syntaxpolice.org>

The License datatype. For more information about these and other open-source licenses, you may visit http://www.opensource.org/.

I am not a lawyer, but as a general guideline, most Haskell software seems to be released under a BSD3 license, which is very open and free. If you don't want to restrict the use of your software or its source code, use BSD3 or PublicDomain.

data License
| BSD3
| BSD4
| PublicDomain
| AllRightsReserved
| OtherLicense
data License
This datatype indicates the license under which your package is released. It is also wise to add your license to each source file. The AllRightsReserved constructor is not actually a license, but states that you are not giving anyone else a license to use or distribute your work. The comments below are general guidelines. Please read the licenses themselves and consult a lawyer if you are unsure of your rights to release the software.
GPLGNU Public License. Source code must accompany alterations.
LGPLLesser GPL, Less restrictive than GPL, useful for libraries.
BSD33-clause BSD license, newer, no advertising clause. Very free license.
BSD44-clause BSD license, older, with advertising clause.
PublicDomainHolder makes no claim to ownership, least restrictive license.
AllRightsReservedNo rights are granted to others. Undistributable. Most restrictive.
OtherLicenseSome other license.
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