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Portabilityportable General server side HTTP cookie library. Based on <>
MaintainerBjorn Bringert <>


data Cookie = Cookie {
cookieName :: String
cookieValue :: String
cookieExpires :: (Maybe CalendarTime)
cookieDomain :: (Maybe String)
cookiePath :: (Maybe String)
cookieSecure :: Bool
newCookie :: String -> String -> Cookie
findCookie :: String -> String -> Maybe String
deleteCookie :: Cookie -> Cookie
showCookie :: Cookie -> String
readCookies :: String -> [(String, String)]
data Cookie
Contains all information about a cookie set by the server.
cookieName :: StringName of the cookie.
cookieValue :: StringValue of the cookie.
cookieExpires :: (Maybe CalendarTime)Expiry date of the cookie. If Nothing, the cookie expires when the browser sessions ends. If the date is in the past, the client should delete the cookie immediately.
cookieDomain :: (Maybe String)The domain suffix to which this cookie will be sent.
cookiePath :: (Maybe String)The path to which this cookie will be sent.
cookieSecure :: BoolTrue if this cookie should only be sent using secure means.
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Eq Cookie
Ord Cookie
Read Cookie
Show Cookie
:: StringName
-> StringValue
-> CookieCookie
Construct a cookie with only name and value set. This client will expire when the browser sessions ends, will only be sent to the server and path which set it and may be sent using any means.
:: StringCookie name
-> StringSemicolon separated list of name-value pairs
-> Maybe StringCookie value, if found
Get the value of a cookie from a string on the form "cookieName1=cookieValue1;...;cookieName2=cookieValue2". This is the format of the Cookie HTTP header.
:: CookieCookie to delete. The only fields that matter are cookieName, cookieDomain and cookiePath
-> Cookie
Delete a cookie from the client by setting the cookie expiry date to a date in the past.
showCookie :: Cookie -> String
Show a cookie on the format used as the value of the Set-Cookie header.
:: StringString to parse
-> [(String, String)]Cookie name - cookie value pairs
Gets all the cookies from a Cookie: header value
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