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Portabilitynon-portable (multi-param classes, functional dependencies)

Strict writer monads.

Inspired by the paper Functional Programming with Overloading and Higher-Order Polymorphism, Mark P Jones ( Advanced School of Functional Programming, 1995.

module Control.Monad.Writer.Class
newtype Writer w a
runWriter :: (a, w)
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Monoid w => MonadWriter w (Writer w)
Functor (Writer w)
Monoid w => Monad (Writer w)
Monoid w => MonadFix (Writer w)
execWriter :: Writer w a -> w
mapWriter :: ((a, w) -> (b, w')) -> Writer w a -> Writer w' b
newtype WriterT w m a
runWriterT :: (m (a, w))
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(Monoid w, MonadError e m) => MonadError e (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadReader r m) => MonadReader r (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadState s m) => MonadState s (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, Monad m) => MonadWriter w (WriterT w m)
Monoid w => MonadTrans (WriterT w)
Monad m => Functor (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, Monad m) => Monad (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadCont m) => MonadCont (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadFix m) => MonadFix (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadIO m) => MonadIO (WriterT w m)
(Monoid w, MonadPlus m) => MonadPlus (WriterT w m)
execWriterT :: Monad m => WriterT w m a -> m w
mapWriterT :: (m (a, w) -> n (b, w')) -> WriterT w m a -> WriterT w' n b
module Control.Monad.Trans
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