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The License datatype. For more information about these and other open-source licenses, you may visit

I am not a lawyer, but as a general guideline, most Haskell software seems to be released under a BSD3 license, which is very open and free. If you don't want to restrict the use of your software or its source code, use BSD3 or PublicDomain.

data License
| BSD3
| BSD4
| PublicDomain
| AllRightsReserved
| OtherLicense
data License Source
This datatype indicates the license under which your package is released. It is also wise to add your license to each source file using the license-file field. The AllRightsReserved constructor is not actually a license, but states that you are not giving anyone else a license to use or distribute your work. The comments below are general guidelines. Please read the licenses themselves and consult a lawyer if you are unsure of your rights to release the software.
GPLGNU Public License. Source code must accompany alterations.
LGPLLesser GPL, Less restrictive than GPL, useful for libraries.
BSD33-clause BSD license, newer, no advertising clause. Very free license.
BSD44-clause BSD license, older, with advertising clause.
PublicDomainHolder makes no claim to ownership, least restrictive license.
AllRightsReservedNo rights are granted to others. Undistributable. Most restrictive.
OtherLicenseSome other license.
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