time- A time library



TAI and leap-second tables for converting to UTC: most people won't need this module.



data AbsoluteTime Source

AbsoluteTime is TAI, time as measured by a clock.

taiEpoch :: AbsoluteTimeSource

The epoch of TAI, which is 1858-11-17 00:00:00 TAI.

addAbsoluteTime :: DiffTime -> AbsoluteTime -> AbsoluteTimeSource

addAbsoluteTime a b = a + b

diffAbsoluteTime :: AbsoluteTime -> AbsoluteTime -> DiffTimeSource

diffAbsoluteTime a b = a - b

type LeapSecondTable = Day -> IntegerSource

TAI - UTC during this day. No table is provided, as any program compiled with it would become out of date in six months.

parseTAIUTCDATFile :: String -> LeapSecondTableSource

Parse the contents of a tai-utc.dat file. This does not do any kind of validation and will return a bad table for input not in the correct format.