ghc-7.0.1: The GHC API




data Instr Source


Outputable Instr 
Instruction Instr

Instruction instance for x86 instruction set.

x86_mkSpillInstr :: Reg -> Int -> Int -> InstrSource

Make a spill instruction.

x86_mkLoadInstr :: Reg -> Int -> Int -> InstrSource

Make a spill reload instruction.

x86_takeDeltaInstr :: Instr -> Maybe IntSource

See if this instruction is telling us the current C stack delta

x86_mkRegRegMoveInstr :: Reg -> Reg -> InstrSource

Make a reg-reg move instruction. On SPARC v8 there are no instructions to move directly between floating point and integer regs. If we need to do that then we have to go via memory.

x86_takeRegRegMoveInstr :: Instr -> Maybe (Reg, Reg)Source

Check whether an instruction represents a reg-reg move. The register allocator attempts to eliminate reg->reg moves whenever it can, by assigning the src and dest temporaries to the same real register.

x86_mkJumpInstr :: BlockId -> [Instr]Source

Make an unconditional branch instruction.