haskell2010- Compatibility with Haskell 2010




data ExitCode Source

Defines the exit codes that a program can return.



indicates successful termination;

ExitFailure Int

indicates program failure with an exit code. The exact interpretation of the code is operating-system dependent. In particular, some values may be prohibited (e.g. 0 on a POSIX-compliant system).

exitWith :: ExitCode -> IO aSource

Computation exitWith code terminates the program, returning code to the program's caller. The caller may interpret the return code as it wishes, but the program should return ExitSuccess to mean normal completion, and ExitFailure n to mean that the program encountered a problem from which it could not recover. The value exitFailure is equal to exitWith (ExitFailure exitfail), where exitfail is implementation-dependent. exitWith bypasses the error handling in the I/O monad and cannot be intercepted by catch from the Prelude.

exitFailure :: IO aSource

The computation exitFailure is equivalent to exitWith (ExitFailure exitfail), where exitfail is implementation-dependent.

exitSuccess :: IO aSource

The computation exitSuccess is equivalent to exitWith ExitSuccess, It terminates the program successfully.