ghc-7.10.2: The GHC API

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Main data types

data PatSyn Source

A pattern synonym See Note [Pattern synonym representation]

mkPatSyn Source


:: Name 
-> Bool

Is the pattern synonym declared infix?

-> ([TyVar], ThetaType)

Universially-quantified type variables and required dicts

-> ([TyVar], ThetaType)

Existentially-quantified type variables and provided dicts

-> [Type]

Original arguments

-> Type

Original result type

-> (Id, Bool)

Name of matcher

-> Maybe (Id, Bool)

Name of builder

-> PatSyn 

Build a new pattern synonym

Type deconstruction

patSynName :: PatSyn -> Name Source

The Name of the PatSyn, giving it a unique, rooted identification

patSynArity :: PatSyn -> Arity Source

Arity of the pattern synonym

patSynIsInfix :: PatSyn -> Bool Source

Should the PatSyn be presented infix?