ghc-7.10.3: The GHC API

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data Plugin Source

Plugin is the core compiler plugin data type. Try to avoid constructing one of these directly, and just modify some fields of defaultPlugin instead: this is to try and preserve source-code compatability when we add fields to this.

Nonetheless, this API is preliminary and highly likely to change in the future.




installCoreToDos :: [CommandLineOption] -> [CoreToDo] -> CoreM [CoreToDo]

Modify the Core pipeline that will be used for compilation. This is called as the Core pipeline is built for every module being compiled, and plugins get the opportunity to modify the pipeline in a nondeterministic order.

tcPlugin :: [CommandLineOption] -> Maybe TcPlugin

An optional typechecker plugin, which may modify the behaviour of the constraint solver.

type CommandLineOption = String Source

Command line options gathered from the -PModule.Name:stuff syntax are given to you as this type

defaultPlugin :: Plugin Source

Default plugin: does nothing at all! For compatability reasons you should base all your plugin definitions on this default value.