ghc-7.10.3: The GHC API

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Main Serialized data type

data Serialized Source

Represents a serialized value of a particular type. Attempts can be made to deserialize it at certain types

seqSerialized :: Serialized -> () Source

Force the contents of the Serialized value so weknow it doesn't contain any bottoms

Going into and out of Serialized

toSerialized :: Typeable a => (a -> [Word8]) -> a -> Serialized Source

Put a Typeable value that we are able to actually turn into bytes into a Serialized value ready for deserialization later

fromSerialized :: forall a. Typeable a => ([Word8] -> a) -> Serialized -> Maybe a Source

If the Serialized value contains something of the given type, then use the specified deserializer to return Just that. Otherwise return Nothing.

Handy serialization functions

serializeWithData :: Data a => a -> [Word8] Source

Use a Data instance to implement a serialization scheme dual to that of deserializeWithData

deserializeWithData :: Data a => [Word8] -> a Source

Use a Data instance to implement a deserialization scheme dual to that of serializeWithData