ghc-7.10.3: The GHC API

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virtualRegSqueeze :: RegClass -> VirtualReg -> FastInt Source

regSqueeze_class reg Calculuate the maximum number of register colors that could be denied to a node of this class due to having this reg as a neighbour.

data AddrMode Source


AddrBaseIndex EABase EAIndex Displacement 
ImmAddr Imm Int 

spRel Source


:: DynFlags 
-> Int

desired stack offset in bytes, positive or negative

-> AddrMode 

callClobberedRegs :: Platform -> [Reg] Source

these are the regs which we cannot assume stay alive over a C call.

allMachRegNos :: Platform -> [RegNo] Source

The complete set of machine registers.

classOfRealReg :: Platform -> RealReg -> RegClass Source

Take the class of a register.

showReg :: Platform -> RegNo -> String Source

Get the name of the register with this number.

ripRel :: Displacement -> AddrMode Source