ghc-7.2.1: The GHC API




This module contains types that relate to the positions of things in source files, and allow tagging of those things with locations



data RealSrcLoc Source

Represents a single point within a file

Constructing SrcLoc

mkGeneralSrcLoc :: FastString -> SrcLocSource

Creates a bad SrcLoc that has no detailed information about its location

noSrcLoc, interactiveSrcLoc, generatedSrcLoc :: SrcLocSource

Built-in bad SrcLoc values for particular locations

advanceSrcLoc :: RealSrcLoc -> Char -> RealSrcLocSource

Move the SrcLoc down by one line if the character is a newline, to the next 8-char tabstop if it is a tab, and across by one character in any other case

Unsafely deconstructing SrcLoc

srcLocFile :: RealSrcLoc -> FastStringSource

Gives the filename of the RealSrcLoc

srcLocLine :: RealSrcLoc -> IntSource

Raises an error when used on a bad SrcLoc

srcLocCol :: RealSrcLoc -> IntSource

Raises an error when used on a bad SrcLoc

Misc. operations on SrcLoc

pprDefnLoc :: RealSrcSpan -> SDocSource

Pretty prints information about the SrcSpan in the style defined at ...


data RealSrcSpan Source

A SrcSpan delimits a portion of a text file. It could be represented by a pair of (line,column) coordinates, but in fact we optimise slightly by using more compact representations for single-line and zero-length spans, both of which are quite common.

The end position is defined to be the column after the end of the span. That is, a span of (1,1)-(1,2) is one character long, and a span of (1,1)-(1,1) is zero characters long.

Constructing SrcSpan

mkGeneralSrcSpan :: FastString -> SrcSpanSource

Create a bad SrcSpan that has not location information

mkSrcSpan :: SrcLoc -> SrcLoc -> SrcSpanSource

Create a SrcSpan between two points in a file

mkRealSrcSpan :: RealSrcLoc -> RealSrcLoc -> RealSrcSpanSource

Create a SrcSpan between two points in a file

noSrcSpan, wiredInSrcSpan :: SrcSpanSource

Built-in bad SrcSpans for common sources of location uncertainty

srcLocSpan :: SrcLoc -> SrcSpanSource

Create a SrcSpan corresponding to a single point

combineSrcSpans :: SrcSpan -> SrcSpan -> SrcSpanSource

Combines two SrcSpan into one that spans at least all the characters within both spans. Assumes the file part is the same in both inputs

Deconstructing SrcSpan

srcSpanStart :: SrcSpan -> SrcLocSource

Returns the location at the start of the SrcSpan or a bad SrcSpan if that is unavailable

srcSpanEnd :: SrcSpan -> SrcLocSource

Returns the location at the end of the SrcSpan or a bad SrcSpan if that is unavailable

srcSpanFileName_maybe :: SrcSpan -> Maybe FastStringSource

Obtains the filename for a SrcSpan if it is good

Unsafely deconstructing SrcSpan

Predicates on SrcSpan

isGoodSrcSpan :: SrcSpan -> BoolSource

Test if a SrcSpan is good, i.e. has precise location information

isOneLineSpan :: SrcSpan -> BoolSource

True if the span is known to straddle only one line. For bad SrcSpan, it returns False


data GenLocated l e Source

We attach SrcSpans to lots of things, so let's have a datatype for it.


L l e 


Typeable2 GenLocated 
Functor (GenLocated l) 
(Eq l, Eq e) => Eq (GenLocated l e) 
(Data l, Data e) => Data (GenLocated l e) 
(Ord l, Ord e) => Ord (GenLocated l e) 
(Outputable l, Outputable e) => Outputable (GenLocated l e) 

Constructing Located

Deconstructing Located

Combining and comparing Located values

eqLocated :: Eq a => Located a -> Located a -> BoolSource

Tests whether the two located things are equal

cmpLocated :: Ord a => Located a -> Located a -> OrderingSource

Tests the ordering of the two located things

addCLoc :: Located a -> Located b -> c -> Located cSource

Combine locations from two Located things and add them to a third thing

leftmost_smallest, rightmost, leftmost_largest :: SrcSpan -> SrcSpan -> OrderingSource

Alternative strategies for ordering SrcSpans

spans :: SrcSpan -> (Int, Int) -> BoolSource

Determines whether a span encloses a given line and column index



:: SrcSpan

The span that may be enclosed by the other

-> SrcSpan

The span it may be enclosed by

-> Bool 

Determines whether a span is enclosed by another one