Chapter 12. Running GHC on Win32 systems

Table of Contents

12.1. Starting GHC on Windows platforms
12.2. Running GHCi on Windows
12.3. Interacting with the terminal
12.4. Differences in library behaviour
12.5. Using GHC (and other GHC-compiled executables) with cygwin
12.5.1. Background
12.5.2. The problem
12.5.3. Things to do
12.6. Building and using Win32 DLLs
12.6.1. Creating a DLL
12.6.2. Making DLLs to be called from other languages Using from VBA Using from C++

12.1.  Starting GHC on Windows platforms

The installer that installs GHC on Win32 also sets up the file-suffix associations for ".hs" and ".lhs" files so that double-clicking them starts ghci.

Be aware of that ghc and ghci do require filenames containing spaces to be escaped using quotes:

  c:\ghc\bin\ghci "c:\\Program Files\\Haskell\\Project.hs"

If the quotes are left off in the above command, ghci will interpret the filename as two, "c:\\Program" and "Files\\Haskell\\Project.hs".