ghc-7.4.2: The GHC API

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data Way Source



opt_PprCols :: IntSource

Set the maximum width of the dumps If GHC's command line options are bad then the options parser uses the pretty printer display the error message. In this case the staticFlags won't be initialized yet, so we must check for this case explicitly and return the default value.

opt_PprCaseAsLet :: BoolSource

Display case expressions with a single alternative as strict let bindings

opt_SuppressAll :: BoolSource

Suppress all that is suppressable in core dumps. Except for uniques, as some simplifier phases introduce new varibles that have otherwise identical names.

opt_SuppressUniques :: BoolSource

Suppress unique ids on variables. Except for uniques, as some simplifier phases introduce new variables that have otherwise identical names.

opt_SuppressCoercions :: BoolSource

Suppress all coercions, them replacing with ...

opt_SuppressModulePrefixes :: BoolSource

Suppress module id prefixes on variables.

opt_SuppressTypeApplications :: BoolSource

Suppress type applications.

opt_SuppressIdInfo :: BoolSource

Suppress info such as arity and unfoldings on identifiers.

opt_SuppressTypeSignatures :: BoolSource

Suppress separate type signatures in core, but leave types on lambda bound vars