Cabal-1.16.0: A framework for packaging Haskell software

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Once a package has been configured we have resolved conditionals and dependencies, configured the compiler and other needed external programs. The LocalBuildInfo is used to hold all this information. It holds the install dirs, the compiler, the exact package dependencies, the configured programs, the package database to use and a bunch of miscellaneous configure flags. It gets saved and reloaded from a file (dist/setup-config). It gets passed in to very many subsequent build actions.



data LocalBuildInfo Source

Data cached after configuration step. See also ConfigFlags.




configFlags :: ConfigFlags

Options passed to the configuration step. Needed to re-run configuration when .cabal is out of date

extraConfigArgs :: [String]

Extra args on the command line for the configuration step. Needed to re-run configuration when .cabal is out of date

installDirTemplates :: InstallDirTemplates

The installation directories for the various differnt kinds of files TODO: inplaceDirTemplates :: InstallDirs FilePath

compiler :: Compiler

The compiler we're building with

buildDir :: FilePath

Where to build the package. TODO: eliminate hugs's scratchDir, use builddir

scratchDir :: FilePath

Where to put the result of the Hugs build.

libraryConfig :: Maybe ComponentLocalBuildInfo
executableConfigs :: [(String, ComponentLocalBuildInfo)]
compBuildOrder :: [ComponentName]

All the components to build, ordered by topological sort over the intrapackage dependency graph

testSuiteConfigs :: [(String, ComponentLocalBuildInfo)]
benchmarkConfigs :: [(String, ComponentLocalBuildInfo)]
installedPkgs :: PackageIndex

All the info about the installed packages that the current package depends on (directly or indirectly).

pkgDescrFile :: Maybe FilePath

the filename containing the .cabal file, if available

localPkgDescr :: PackageDescription

The resolved package description, that does not contain any conditionals.

withPrograms :: ProgramConfiguration

Location and args for all programs

withPackageDB :: PackageDBStack

What package database to use, global/user

withVanillaLib :: Bool

Whether to build normal libs.

withProfLib :: Bool

Whether to build profiling versions of libs.

withSharedLib :: Bool

Whether to build shared versions of libs.

withDynExe :: Bool

Whether to link executables dynamically

withProfExe :: Bool

Whether to build executables for profiling.

withOptimization :: OptimisationLevel

Whether to build with optimization (if available).

withGHCiLib :: Bool

Whether to build libs suitable for use with GHCi.

splitObjs :: Bool

Use -split-objs with GHC, if available

stripExes :: Bool

Whether to strip executables during install

progPrefix :: PathTemplate

Prefix to be prepended to installed executables

progSuffix :: PathTemplate

Suffix to be appended to installed executables

externalPackageDeps :: LocalBuildInfo -> [(InstalledPackageId, PackageId)]Source

External package dependencies for the package as a whole. This is the union of the individual componentPackageDeps, less any internal deps.

inplacePackageId :: PackageId -> InstalledPackageIdSource

The installed package Id we use for local packages registered in the local package db. This is what is used for intra-package deps between components.

Buildable package components

foldComponent :: (Library -> a) -> (Executable -> a) -> (TestSuite -> a) -> (Benchmark -> a) -> Component -> aSource

allComponentsBy :: PackageDescription -> (Component -> a) -> [a]Source

Obtains all components (libs, exes, or test suites), transformed by the given function. Useful for gathering dependencies with component context.

data ComponentLocalBuildInfo Source




componentPackageDeps :: [(InstalledPackageId, PackageId)]

Resolved internal and external package dependencies for this component. The BuildInfo specifies a set of build dependencies that must be satisfied in terms of version ranges. This field fixes those dependencies to the specific versions available on this machine for this compiler.

withComponentsLBI :: PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> (Component -> ComponentLocalBuildInfo -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

Perform the action on each buildable Library or Executable (Component) in the PackageDescription, subject to the build order specified by the compBuildOrder field of the given LocalBuildInfo

withLibLBI :: PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> (Library -> ComponentLocalBuildInfo -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

If the package description has a library section, call the given function with the library build info as argument. Extended version of withLib that also gives corresponding build info.

withExeLBI :: PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> (Executable -> ComponentLocalBuildInfo -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

Perform the action on each buildable Executable in the package description. Extended version of withExe that also gives corresponding build info.

Installation directories