hoopl- A library to support dataflow analysis and optimization

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type Doms = WithBot DPathSource

List of labels, extended with a standard bottom element

newtype DPath Source


DPath [Label]

represents part of the domination relation: each label in a list is dominated by all its successors. This is a newtype only so we can give it a fancy Show instance.


domEntry :: DomsSource

The fact that goes into the entry of a dominator analysis: the first node is dominated only by the entry point, which is represented by the empty list of labels.

data DominatorTree Source

This data structure is a *rose tree* in which each node may have arbitrarily many children. Each node dominates all its descendants.


tree :: [(Label, Doms)] -> DominatorTreeSource

Map from a FactBase for dominator lists into a dominator tree.

immediateDominators :: FactBase Doms -> LabelMap LabelSource

Takes FactBase from dominator analysis and returns a map from each label to its immediate dominator, if any

domPass :: (NonLocal n, Monad m) => FwdPass m n DomsSource

Dominator pass