ghci- The library supporting GHC's interactive interpreter

Safe HaskellNone




newtype RemotePtr a Source #


RemotePtr Word64 

newtype HValue Source #


HValue Any 

data RemoteRef a Source #

A reference to a remote value. These are allocated and freed explicitly.

mkRemoteRef :: a -> IO (RemoteRef a) Source #

Make a reference to a local value that we can send remotely. This reference will keep the value that it refers to alive until freeRemoteRef is called.

localRef :: RemoteRef a -> IO a Source #

Convert an HValueRef to an HValue. Should only be used if the HValue originated in this process.

freeRemoteRef :: RemoteRef a -> IO () Source #

Release an HValueRef that originated in this process

data ForeignRef a Source #

An HValueRef with a finalizer

mkForeignRef :: RemoteRef a -> IO () -> IO (ForeignRef a) Source #

Create a ForeignRef from a RemoteRef. The finalizer should arrange to call freeHValueRef on the HValueRef. (since this function needs to be called in the process that created the HValueRef, it cannot be called directly from the finalizer).