ghc-8.10.6: The GHC API
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loadModuleInterface :: SDoc -> Module -> TcM ModIface Source #

Load interface directly for a fully qualified Module. (This is a fairly rare operation, but in particular it is used to load orphan modules in order to pull their instances into the global package table and to handle some operations in GHCi).

loadModuleInterfaces :: SDoc -> [Module] -> TcM () Source #

Load interfaces for a collection of modules.

loadSrcInterface :: SDoc -> ModuleName -> IsBootInterface -> Maybe FastString -> RnM ModIface Source #

Load the interface corresponding to an import directive in source code. On a failure, fail in the monad with an error message.

loadInterfaceForName :: SDoc -> Name -> TcRn ModIface Source #

Loads the interface for a given Name. Should only be called for an imported name; otherwise loadSysInterface may not find the interface

loadInterfaceForNameMaybe :: SDoc -> Name -> TcRn (Maybe ModIface) Source #

Only loads the interface for external non-local names.

loadInterfaceForModule :: SDoc -> Module -> TcRn ModIface Source #

Loads the interface for a given Module.

loadSysInterface :: SDoc -> Module -> IfM lcl ModIface Source #

Loads a system interface and throws an exception if it fails

loadUserInterface :: Bool -> SDoc -> Module -> IfM lcl ModIface Source #

Loads a user interface and throws an exception if it fails. The first parameter indicates whether we should import the boot variant of the module

moduleFreeHolesPrecise :: SDoc -> Module -> TcRnIf gbl lcl (MaybeErr MsgDoc (UniqDSet ModuleName)) Source #

Compute the signatures which must be compiled in order to load the interface for a Module. The output of this function is always a subset of moduleFreeHoles; it is more precise because in signature p[A=A,B=B]:B, although the free holes are A and B, B might not depend on A at all!

If this is invoked on a signature, this does NOT include the signature itself; e.g. precise free module holes of p[A=A,B=B]:B never includes B.

loadWiredInHomeIface :: Name -> IfM lcl () Source #

An IfM function to load the home interface for a wired-in thing, so that we're sure that we see its instance declarations and rules See Note [Loading instances for wired-in things]

showIface :: HscEnv -> FilePath -> IO () Source #

Read binary interface, and print it out

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