ghc-8.10.6: The GHC API
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type InstrBlock = OrdList Instr Source #

InstrBlocks are the insn sequences generated by the insn selectors. They are really trees of insns to facilitate fast appending, where a left-to-right traversal yields the insns in the correct order.

data CondCode Source #

Condition codes passed up the tree.

data ChildCode64 Source #

a.k.a Register64 Reg is the lower 32-bit temporary which contains the result. Use getHiVRegFromLo to find the other VRegUnique.

Rules of this simplified insn selection game are therefore that the returned Reg may be modified


ChildCode64 InstrBlock Reg 

data Amode Source #

Holds code that references a memory address.


Amode AddrMode InstrBlock 

data Register Source #

Code to produce a result into a register. If the result must go in a specific register, it comes out as Fixed. Otherwise, the parent can decide which register to put it in.

setFormatOfRegister :: Register -> Format -> Register Source #

Change the format field in a Register.

getRegisterReg :: Platform -> CmmReg -> Reg Source #

Grab the Reg for a CmmReg