ghc-9.0.2: The GHC API
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cgForeignCall :: ForeignCall -> Type -> [StgArg] -> Type -> FCode ReturnKind Source #

Emit code for a foreign call, and return the results to the sequel. Precondition: the length of the arguments list is the same as the arity of the foreign function.

saveThreadState :: MonadUnique m => DynFlags -> m CmmAGraph Source #

Produce code to save the current thread state to CurrentTSO

emitSaveRegs :: FCode () Source #

Save STG registers

STG registers must be saved around a C call, just in case the STG register is mapped to a caller-saves machine register. Normally we don't need to worry about this the code generator has already loaded any live STG registers into variables for us, but in hand-written low-level Cmm code where we don't know which registers are live, we might have to save them all.

emitRestoreRegs :: FCode () Source #

Restore STG registers (see emitSaveRegs)

loadThreadState :: MonadUnique m => DynFlags -> m CmmAGraph Source #

Produce code to load the current thread state from CurrentTSO