ghc-9.2.5: The GHC API
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match Source #


:: [MatchId]

Variables rep'ing the exprs we're matching with ^ See Note [Match Ids]

^ Note that the Match Ids carry not only a name, but ^ also the multiplicity at which each column has been ^ type checked.

-> Type

Type of the case expression

-> [EquationInfo]

Info about patterns, etc. (type synonym below)

-> DsM (MatchResult CoreExpr)

Desugared result!

matchWrapper Source #


:: HsMatchContext GhcRn

For shadowing warning messages

-> Maybe (LHsExpr GhcTc)

Scrutinee. (Just scrut) for a case expr case scrut of { p1 -> e1 ... } (and in this case the MatchGroup will have all singleton patterns) Nothing for a function definition f p1 q1 = ... -- No "scrutinee" f p2 q2 = ... -- in this case

-> MatchGroup GhcTc (LHsExpr GhcTc)

Matches being desugared

-> DsM ([Id], CoreExpr)

Results (usually passed to match)

matchSimply Source #


:: CoreExpr


-> HsMatchContext GhcRn

Match kind

-> LPat GhcTc

Pattern it should match

-> CoreExpr

Return this if it matches

-> CoreExpr

Return this if it doesn't

-> DsM CoreExpr 

matchSimply is a wrapper for match which deals with the situation where we want to match a single expression against a single pattern. It returns an expression.

matchSinglePatVar Source #


:: Id 
-> Maybe CoreExpr

The scrutinee the match id is bound to

-> HsMatchContext GhcRn 
-> LPat GhcTc 
-> Type 
-> MatchResult CoreExpr 
-> DsM (MatchResult CoreExpr)