ghc-9.6.3: The GHC API
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type CAFSet = Set CAFfyLabel Source #

cafAnal Source #


:: Platform 
-> LabelSet

The blocks representing continuations, ie. those that will get RET info tables. These labels will get their own SRTs, so we don't aggregate CAFs from references to these labels, we just use the label.

-> CLabel

The top label of the proc

-> CmmGraph 
-> CAFEnv 

For each code block: - collect the references reachable from this code block to FUN, THUNK or RET labels for which hasCAF == True

This gives us a CAFEnv: a mapping from code block to sets of labels

cafAnalData :: Platform -> CmmStatics -> CAFSet Source #

Collect possible CAFfy references from a CmmData decl.

doSRTs Source #


:: CmmConfig 
-> ModuleSRTInfo 
-> [(CAFEnv, [CmmDecl])]

CAFEnvs and CmmDecls for code blocks

-> [(CAFSet, CmmDataDecl)]

static data decls and their CAFSets

-> IO (ModuleSRTInfo, [CmmDeclSRTs]) 

Attach SRTs to all info tables in the CmmDecls, and add SRT declarations to the ModuleSRTInfo.

data ModuleSRTInfo Source #




  • thisModule :: Module

    Current module being compiled. Required for calling labelDynamic.

  • dedupSRTs :: Map (Set SRTEntry) SRTEntry

    previous SRTs we've emitted, so we can de-duplicate. Used to implement the [Common] optimisation.

  • flatSRTs :: Map SRTEntry (Set SRTEntry)

    The reverse mapping, so that we can remove redundant entries. e.g. if we have an SRT [a,b,c], and we know that b points to [c,d], we can omit c and emit [a,b]. Used to implement the [Filter] optimisation.

  • moduleSRTMap :: SRTMap


Instances details
OutputableP env CLabel => OutputableP env ModuleSRTInfo Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GHC.Cmm.Info.Build


pdoc :: env -> ModuleSRTInfo -> SDoc Source #

type SRTMap = Map CAFfyLabel (Maybe SRTEntry) Source #

Maps labels from cafAnal to the final CLabel that will appear in the SRT. - closures with singleton SRTs resolve to their single entry - closures with larger SRTs map to the label for that SRT - CAFs must not map to anything! - if a labels maps to Nothing, we found that this label's SRT is empty, so we don't need to refer to it from other SRTs.

srtMapNonCAFs :: SRTMap -> NonCaffySet Source #

Given SRTMap of a module, returns the set of non-CAFFY names in the module. Any Names not in the set are CAFFY.