ghc-9.6.3: The GHC API
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Binary interface file support.


Public API for interface file serialisation

writeBinIface :: Profile -> TraceBinIFace -> FilePath -> ModIface -> IO () Source #

Write an interface file

readBinIfaceHeader :: Profile -> NameCache -> CheckHiWay -> TraceBinIFace -> FilePath -> IO (Fingerprint, BinHandle) Source #

Read an interface file header, checking the magic number, version, and way. Returns the hash of the source file and a BinHandle which points at the start of the rest of the interface file data.

data CheckHiWay Source #




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Eq CheckHiWay Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GHC.Iface.Binary

getWithUserData :: Binary a => NameCache -> BinHandle -> IO a Source #

This performs a get action after reading the dictionary and symbol table. It is necessary to run this before trying to deserialise any Names or FastStrings.

putWithUserData :: Binary a => TraceBinIFace -> BinHandle -> a -> IO () Source #

Put a piece of data with an initialised UserData field. This is necessary if you want to serialise Names or FastStrings. It also writes a symbol table and the dictionary. This segment should be read using getWithUserData.

Internal serialisation functions