ghc-9.6.3: The GHC API
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Source errors



newtype SourceError Source #

A source error is an error that is caused by one or more errors in the source code. A SourceError is thrown by many functions in the compilation pipeline. Inside GHC these errors are merely printed via log_action, but API clients may treat them differently, for example, insert them into a list box. If you want the default behaviour, use the idiom:

handleSourceError printExceptionAndWarnings $ do
  ... api calls that may fail ...

The SourceErrors error messages can be accessed via srcErrorMessages. This list may be empty if the compiler failed due to -Werror (Opt_WarnIsError).

See printExceptionAndWarnings for more information on what to take care of when writing a custom error handler.

handleSourceError Source #


:: MonadCatch m 
=> (SourceError -> m a)

exception handler

-> m a

action to perform

-> m a 

Perform the given action and call the exception handler if the action throws a SourceError. See SourceError for more information.