ghc-9.6.3: The GHC API
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data ModuleGraph Source #

A 'ModuleGraph' contains all the nodes from the home package (only). See 'ModuleGraphNode' for information about the nodes.

Modules need to be compiled. hs-boots need to be typechecked before the associated "real" module so modules with {-# SOURCE #-} imports can be built. Instantiations also need to be typechecked to ensure that the module fits the signature. Substantiation typechecking is roughly comparable to the check that the module and its hs-boot agree.

The graph is not necessarily stored in topologically-sorted order. Use topSortModuleGraph and flattenSCC to achieve this.

data ModuleGraphNode Source #

A 'ModuleGraphNode' is a node in the 'ModuleGraph'. Edges between nodes mark dependencies arising from module imports and dependencies arising from backpack instantiations.


InstantiationNode UnitId InstantiatedUnit

Instantiation nodes track the instantiation of other units (backpack dependencies) with the holes (signatures) of the current package.

ModuleNode [NodeKey] ModSummary

There is a module summary node for each module, signature, and boot module being built.

LinkNode [NodeKey] UnitId

Link nodes are whether are are creating a linked product (ie executable/shared object etc) for a unit.

nodeDependencies :: Bool -> ModuleGraphNode -> [NodeKey] Source #

Collect the immediate dependencies of a ModuleGraphNode, optionally avoiding hs-boot dependencies. If the drop_hs_boot_nodes flag is False, and if this is a .hs and there is an equivalent .hs-boot, add a link from the former to the latter. This has the effect of detecting bogus cases where the .hs-boot depends on the .hs, by introducing a cycle. Additionally, it ensures that we will always process the .hs-boot before the .hs, and so the HomePackageTable will always have the most up to date information.

extendMG :: ModuleGraph -> [NodeKey] -> ModSummary -> ModuleGraph Source #

Add an ExtendedModSummary to ModuleGraph. Assumes that the new ModSummary is not an element of the ModuleGraph.

filterToposortToModules :: [SCC ModuleGraphNode] -> [SCC ModSummary] Source #

This function filters out all the instantiation nodes from each SCC of a topological sort. Use this with care, as the resulting "strongly connected components" may not really be strongly connected in a direct way, as instantiations have been removed. It would probably be best to eliminate uses of this function where possible.

mapMG :: (ModSummary -> ModSummary) -> ModuleGraph -> ModuleGraph Source #

Map a function f over all the ModSummaries. To preserve invariants f can't change the isBoot status.

mgLookupModule :: ModuleGraph -> Module -> Maybe ModSummary Source #

Look up a ModSummary in the ModuleGraph Looks up the non-boot ModSummary Linear in the size of the module graph

moduleGraphNodes :: Bool -> [ModuleGraphNode] -> (Graph SummaryNode, NodeKey -> Maybe SummaryNode) Source #

Turn a list of graph nodes into an efficient queriable graph. The first boolean parameter indicates whether nodes corresponding to hs-boot files should be collapsed into their relevant hs nodes.

data NodeKey Source #


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Outputable NodeKey Source # 
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Defined in GHC.Unit.Module.Graph


ppr :: NodeKey -> SDoc Source #

Eq NodeKey Source # 
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Defined in GHC.Unit.Module.Graph


(==) :: NodeKey -> NodeKey -> Bool #

(/=) :: NodeKey -> NodeKey -> Bool #

Ord NodeKey Source # 
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Defined in GHC.Unit.Module.Graph